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Sab Khush Dishwash Gel

Price : INR 30.00 / Litre

Sab Khush Dishwash Gel

Dishwash gel is like a dishwashing detergent or powder that is formulated in form of geo. These cleaning gels are formulated to soften the hardest water and to provide effective cleaning of dishes, glasses, crockery, cutlery and even cooking utensils. At Maha Sakti Chemicals you will get the best dishwasher gel. Our company has gained a huge customer baser all around the country. We are counted one among the trusted Sab Khush dishwasher gel manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh, India.

The dishwasher gel of our company can be used along with the rinse additives for the automatic dishware cleaning. Typically these are designed to provide controlled dispensing. Because of their form, they are less likely to be spilt than the powders. These also dissolve rapidly thereby allowing the detergent to start working right away. These are formulated to provide a high-performance alternative to conventional products.

The powerful gel composition softens even the hardest water and ensures effective cleaning of the dishes, crockery, glasses, cutlery and other cooking utensils. Although most of the existing dishwasher gels contain petrochemicals like poly carbohydrates, TAED, perborate, phosphonates, petrochemicals detergents and chlorine bleaching agents. Nowadays there is a drive towards the use of ecological alternatives for these ingredients.

Dishwashing cleaning gel cleans dishes to a sparkling shine, rinses clean and leave the whole kitchen fresh. Because of their form, dishwasher gels and easy to use and clean dishes.

The Cleaning Action

• This cuts through the grease and the dried on food.

• Our dishwashing gels can remove the tough stains.

• Does not etch metal and silver.

• This is great for the pre-soaking baked-on food.

• This is gentle enough for washing china, porcelain and silver.

Common Uses

We have formulated our dishwashing gels to provide effective cleaning as well as convenience. The dishwashing gels have found used in a variety of applications which include:

• Can be used in the automatic dishwashers.

• This is perfect for the pre-soaking band on foods as mentioned earlier.

• Can be used in all kinds of temperature.

Choose us and order our products. We are the best eco-friendly Dishwash gel manufacturer in Indore. We provide our customers with the best always and make sure that they are happy and satisfied with the type of products that we manufacture and supply.


Type Dishwash Gel
Application Dish Cleaning, Home, Hotel, Kitchen
Shelf Life 1 Yr
Color Yellow
Purity 100%
Feature Eco-friendly, Soft, Whitening
Brand Name Sab Khush

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 500 Litre