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Sab Khush Floor Cleaner

Price : INR 16.00 - 40.00 / Litre

Sab Khush Floor Cleaner

Maha Sakti Chemicals is the best Sab Khush floor cleaner manufacturer and supplier. Our products are of premium quality and are the best for commercial as well as residential purposes. The floor cleaners of our company are used by people all around the world for its amazing benefits. Our company offers both alkaline and acidic based cleaning products. This custom selection of chemicals offers an added value to the floor cleaning products are available in our company.

These are completely made with eco-friendly ingredients and doesn’t have any toxic element which can be harmful to your pets, children or even to your surrounding. Following are some of the benefits of using our premium quality floor cleaners.

Minimum Downtime

The floor cleaners that we manufacture and supply can help clean the stubborn stains in a time-efficient manner. These can also achieve the quality cleaning results in such a short period because they have grease-cutting chemicals in the. Our floor cleaning products are the best. The primary function of these cleaners is to cut the permanent marks of stains in a matter of a few seconds. By using our floor cleaners you can reduce the cleaning time of your entire house or industrial premises.

Simplified Cleaning

The floor cleaners of our company are the best in quality it can clean the surfaces better. These cleans can spread over the oily and dirty floors and can remove all the dirt and stains on the floor. With the right products, you can be sure to leave yourself with a clean working environment at the end of the day.

Deep Cleaning

The floor cleaners of our company guarantee a deep clean result. This reason behind this is that they are made with the use of concentrated chemicals that can easily cut through the stains. These cleaners are also enriched with the strong alkali and acids which helps to cut oil stains that are very difficult to clean with the use of any other ordinary detergent or soap.

One can also use some tools to spread the cleaners well and with an even layering so that the cleaning results are balanced for the entire floor. The chemicals in our cleaners react with the grease and therefore remove the floor stains. Nothing is left behind after you use this cleaner.

Therefore choose us as we are the best herbal floor cleaner supplier in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


Type Herbal
Application Floor Cleaning
Shelf Life 1 Year
Color Green
Packaging Plastic Bottle
Form Liquid
Brand Name Sab Khush

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 500 Litre