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Sun Gold Detergent Powder

Price : INR 31.00 / Kilogram

Sun Gold Detergent Powder

Maha Sakti Chemicals based in Madhya Pradesh is one of the best Sun gold detergent powder manufactures. The detergent powder that we supply is widely in demand due to the amazing quality and effectiveness. These are perfect for all kinds of clothes and have amazing benefits. These advantages and benefits make us and our products popular in the market. With extensive research and non-toxic elements, we have made this product for our customers and clients. Some advantages of using our detergent powder are:

Our Detergent Powders Are Effective

The ingredient that we use in our detergent powder makes it very effective when it comes to washing your clothes. Ingredients like magnesium and calcium form the builders within the detergent powder. These builders soften the water and make the detergent powder more efficient. They also prevent the soap scum and insoluble sales from remaining on your clothes. These builders work on the surface of your clothes and break up the grease and oil into small parts. This makes it easier to clean them.

Detergent powder is known to extend the life of your clothes. When you use our detergent powder, the powder eliminates the insoluble salts which could stay on your clothes. This does not leave behind the stains or marks on your clothes after washing. This also helps increase the life of your clothes.


The detergent powder that we manufacture and supply to our customers are cost-effective compared to others. You can order it in your required quantity and can get it delivered directly at your address.

Helps Fight Stains

One of the biggest advantages of choosing our detergent powder is their ability to clean the stains from your clothes. These have their roughness. They help scrub off the difficult stains with quite an ease. You can wash your clothes in a washing machine or by hand, the powder that we provide our customers with will act on the stain and will help eliminate them with ease. But make sure that you use it correctly. Follow the right steps for washing the clothes and the correct methods will remove all the tough stains from your clothes.

We have the best products that suit your needs. Our eco-friendly cloth washing detergent powder is the best for all your uses.


Type Washing Detergent Powder
Brand Name Sun Gold
Feature Eco-friendly, Skin Friendly, Soft
Usage Cloth Washing
Packaging Plastic Packet
Form Powder
Packaging size 100gm, 500gm

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Metric Ton